[CT Birds] In regards to hurricanes and sea birds.

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In regards to hurricanes and sea birds. 

Many years ago, we sat under a motels' 2nd floor walkway after vacating our 
campsite in Wellfleet Cape Cod and watched a hurricane pass through there verses 
evacuating. The winds built, and we observed the following....

While we observed several large trees and branches blow down, the most 
interesting sightings were the birds. Most birds seemed to get through the high 
winds by flying in them. Mostly gulls and terns, though some Swallows were seen 
as well. They all did very well using this tactic. And when the winds were 
extremely strong, many gulls and terns were observed flapping into the head wind 
while progressing backwards! It did not seem to matter, for they were safer in 
the air vs being on the ground for sure. 

After the storm's extremely high winds and rain passed through, we quickly 
visited the shore cliffs at Trurro. here the winds were still strong, though the 
rains had passed. Many gulls and terns had landed on the beach below the cliff 
getting out of the high west winds blowing from land, creating enormous white 
caped waves off shore.

 Of interest were the many land birds who it seemed were blown out to sea from 
the hurricane, and were now attempting to reach land once again. Many were 
Swallows but I remember seeing with bins, some warbler type birds and Sparrows 
trying to reach land, but not getting much help from the strong off land winds. 
To me it seemed, land birds were the ones getting the worst of it vs the sea 
birds, who flew stronger into the high winds while land birds did not. After 
spending an hour there, we saw not one land bird reach land, while sea birds 
were enjoying the rest below, or flying along the beach as they usually do.

Paul Carrier et al       

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