[CT Birds] Birding the Hurricane

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Fri Aug 26 07:39:45 EDT 2011

Hi Folks

Considering my past experiences with hurricanes and past records.  
here are some thoughts.

There are two types of birds the seabirds (shearwaters, petrels,  
Tropicbirds etc.) and Coast-birds (Caspian Tern, Royal Tern, Skimmers  
The coast-birds increase in number and tend to hang around a few  
days. The seabirds, tend to leave quickly and one needs to be looking  
as soon as possibles. This conflicts with safety policy. You can  
expect most favored areas for birding to be closed either due to  
flooding or fear of people going into the water. It will be a  
challenge to find good viewing. An example in Bridgeport, I would bet  
Seaside Park to be closed, but St. Mary' s has a chance of being open.

There are many inland records of shearwaters and petrels, if not  
exhausted and in someone's backyard, they will be found on lakes and  
the larger rivers. People who do not live closet to shore should be  
checking these out. If I was in the Hartford area I would try to get  
a view of the Connecticut River and see what flies by. Middletown  
would be another good area. I would check out any large lake and  
reservoir. Think about lakes that have a history of loons, grebes and  
scoters using them.	Again time is of the essence, once they get their  
bearing they are out of here.

Dennis Varza

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