[CT Birds] UConn Collections and Hurricane Irene

Kevin Burgio kevin.burgio at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 16:03:46 EDT 2011


A message from us up at the UConn Ornithology Lab:

As you bird the state after Hurricane Irene, you may encounter wounded,
dying or dead birds. A reminder: state and federal laws regulate who can
"possess"  wild birds, bird bodies, or body parts (including feathers).
Injured birds should be handled by licensed rehabilitators. Under the terms
of the salvage permit held by the Ornithological Research Collections
manager at the University of Connecticut, you MAY pick up dead birds for
transfer to the Collection, and we are seeking any specimens that you may
encounter. The Ornithological Research Collections at the University of
Connecticut is a library of birds that have occurred in the state; the study
skin collection dates from 1875, and holds more Connecticut specimens than
any other in the world. The ongoing record is being built ONLY with salvaged
specimens --- dead birds picked up and preserved. You can contribute to the
historical record by securing any dead bird you encounter in a plastic bag,
sealed shut with as little air in it as possible. Note the DATE, LOCATION,
SPECIES (if you know it), and YOUR NAME AND CONTACT information, either on
the bag, or double bag the bird with notes between inner and outer bag.
FREEZE THE SPECIMEN as soon as possible and contact either
margaret.rubega at uconn.edu or susan.hochgraf at uconn.edu  for transfer/pickup.
Good birding, and be careful out there!

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