[CT Birds] Cabela's Baird's Sandpiper, 3 PM, 8/27

mresch8702 at aol.com mresch8702 at aol.com
Sat Aug 27 06:09:10 EDT 2011

A Baird's Sandpiper was present at the Cabela's pond in East Hartford at 3 PM on Friday (8/27).  Other birds present were -

8 Least Sandpipers
3 Spotted Sandpipers
1 Solitary Sandpiper
Many Killdeer
1 Im. Green Heron - flew in from ??
30 Canada Geese - including several juveniles still smaller than the adults
1 Savannah Sparrow (acting like a shorebird)

It's interesting that the Baird's was not present from 2:30 to 3 PM - 3 of us searched every inch of the pond edges with no luck.  I was about to give up and then all of a sudden the Baird's was there!  Not sure if it was in the grass surrounding the pond as Baird's like to do, or whether it flew in from elsewhere.  The Green Heron flew in while we were there too, so maybe there is additional habitat nearby.  In any case, if you don't see the bird when you first arrive you might stick around for a while.

Mike Resch
Pepperell, MA

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