[CT Birds] hummer question

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I, too, am feeling badly about having taken down the feeders.  My one 
remaining pole feeder is seeing lots of activity -- including one tenacious 
baby cardinal who persists on sitting on top and screaming for food.  The 
hummers keep coming to the backdoor, looking for their feeder... maybe in a 
couple of hours I can put everything back up.  So far -- fingers crossed --  
this is far less severe than a thunderstorm we had a few weeks ago.  I can't 
wait to open the windows again -- getting stuffy inside!

Sarah Faulkner
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I had taken down all my feeders, but put up a couple again this morning as
there were birds chirping all around.  I spread lots of seed on the ground
under the shelter of the forsythias, but I have watched the hummers making
aborted passes at the nectar.  I have another feeder hung in a more
sheltered place, but haven't been able to monitor it.  Any ideas on what to
do?  Should I hang it down lower to the ground?  Poor little guys.  Doesn't
take much of a gust to thwart their efforts to feed.

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