[CT Birds] Hurricane Birds

Brendan Murtha bmskua at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 29 15:08:48 EDT 2011

Following up with James's report, here are the highlights Sean Murtha and I had 
the past 2 days-


Veteran's Park, Norwalk:  BAIRDS SANDPIPER - 1 confirmed, a few other possible 
Pectoral Sandpiper- 4 or so.   The park was flooded, providing great habitat for 
shorebirds.  Tons of peeps were present (Least and Semipalm), plus a lot of 
Laughing Gulls, numbering in the hundreds.  Missed the Red-necked phalarope. 
 Mardi and Towni Dickinson had seen it only minutes before we arrived..

Calf Pasture Beach, Norwalk-  CASPIAN TERN-1,  Forster's Tern- 2, plus a handful 
of unidentified Storm-Petrels way out.


Sasco Creek Beach, Southport-  JAEGER sp., far out, harassing terns. 

Compo Hill Area, Westport, where Hillspoint road curves along the shoreline east 
of Compo Beach - BRIDLED TERN- 1 

Upon arrival we picked out the bird on a piece of flotsam pretty far out to the 
east, off Sherwood Island (which remains closed).  As the flotsam drifted nearer 
shore the bird lifted off and flew south-westward until we lost it, but later we 
picked it up again alighting on another piece of flotsam, also to the east but 
unfortunately no nearer. The bird appeared mainly dark gray with white 
foreparts, and when it flew, the wings appeared long and narrow with a touch of 
white underneath.  While admittedly distant, we felt it was not black enough to 
be Sooty Tern and the wings too narrow to be Sooty or Black Tern.  Its habit of 
alighting on flotsam also strongly indicated Bridled Tern.  We hope someone else 
can relocate the bird- if Sherwood Island re-opens, the view may be better from 

Moments later we had a BLACK TERN at the Sherwood millpond, the nearest we were 
able to park.

 -Brendan Murtha


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