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I'm forwarding this email dated 8/28 from LI, NY  birder, Shaibal Mitra.

Frank Mantlik

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Hi Frank, 

We had tickets for yesterday's early game at Fenway, and along the way of our 
30-hour circuit of LI Sound, Pat Lindsay and I saw several CT birds. First was a 
Wilson's SP in e LI Sound, from the ferry, near the NY-CT line, on Friday. 
Yesterday, driving  down 395 we had several flocks of Common Nighthawks (total 
27) near Danielson, around 5:00 pm. The largest group was about 15 birds, one 
exit north of Danielson (East Killingly?).

After dropping off my nephew in Canterbury, we ran down to 95 and raced for 
home. At exit 43 (ca. West Haven) around 6:30, we had two Hudsonian Godwits fly 
from south to north, directly over us. The birds were in silhouette, but the 
shape, size, and flight  style were quite apparent.

Good storm birding!

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