[CT Birds] Hurricane Report

Andy Griswold agriswold at ctaudubon.org
Tue Aug 30 13:13:08 EDT 2011

From: Andy Griswold
Date: Sunday, August 28, 2011
Location: Cornfield Point, Old Saybrook
Time: 130PM to 5PM
Birds of Note: Sooty Tern (21 adults - 1 juvenile), Parasitic Jaeger (1 light adult), Great Shearwater (1), Manx Shearwater (1 - missing many flight feathers), Red Phalarope (1 - likely more), Wilson's Storm-Petrel (4), Black Tern (1).
Observations: All birds of note, except for the Black Tern, were seen before 3PM heading into a strong east wind. At about 3PM, the wind shifted from the east to the south (then west) and the parade of birds stopped. I suspect that the birds were smelling the sea and willing to expend the energy to get themselves back there despite the incredible effort needed to fly directly into the wind. Once the wind was from the south, they crossed over Long Island with their noses still searching out the direction of the sea. No birds were seen taking advantage of a west tailwind to help them exit the east end of the sound. No maps, just noses.

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