[CT Birds] Common Nighthawks near Merrow Road Park

Randy Given givenrandy at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 19:38:48 EDT 2011

About 6:15pm, an hour before sunset, we were on our way to the dam at
Eagleville Pond to look for Common Nighthawks. While going down 32, I
saw some overhead. We pulled over (1414 Stafford Road, N41 48.840 W72
18.524) and saw around 25! They were all over. There were swarms of
insects highlighted in the setting sun and they were gobbling them up.

Also saw 2 Red-Tailed Hawks, 4 Eastern Bluebirds, 1 Northern Flicker,
1 Mourning Dove, and around 60 European Starlings.

We continued to Eagleville Pond, but nothing there. We went back to
the first spot. Everything was gone. Wow, we just made the half-hour
window, I guess -- didn't see any falcons looking for dinner, either.

Randy Given

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