[CT Birds] Request for Reports

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Tue Aug 30 21:35:07 EDT 2011


 To the Connecticut Birding Community:

What an incredible weekend for birds in Connecticut!  Hurricane Irene provided what was by far the greatest incursion of rarities in a single day in my time as a birder.  Although some may question the sanity of certain individuals staring down a hurricane along the coast, their willingness to brave the elements resulted in a wealth of spectacular reports. Now that the last of the Sooty Terns have likely left us, it is my hope that those who found various shearwaters, petrels, jaegers and other storm driven birds will take pen (or keyboard) in hand and develop detailed reports on their observations. These birders have the opportunity to add immeasurably to our knowledge of Connecticut avifauna, and their reports will go into the archives for future generations of Connecticut birders to study. If you saw any storm driven birds along the coast or inland, I strongly encourage you to send reports to the Avian Records Committee. Reports may be sent to Greg Hanisek, Secretary of the Avian Records Committee of Connecticut (ghanisek at rep-am.com) and to Jay Kaplan (jaybrd49 at aol.com). Additional information on writing reports may be found on the Connecticut Ornithological Association website. This was an unprecedented event and your support is greatly appreciated.

Jay Kaplan, Chair
Avian Records Committee of Connecticut

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