[CT Birds] migration

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Wed Aug 31 23:36:25 EDT 2011

Tonight- Wed 31st, from 5:30 to 6, their was some good bird movement in the yard 
here-1,000 feet- in Harwinton. I have often commented on how migrating birds 
will follow the sun up a Mt in late afternoon on its west side to the top as 
they feed and prepare to fly off during the night and migrate on. I believe 
tonight was such an event.

 I first noticed bird movement from a Red Cedar tree, then more from a wild 
apple tree and large Oak. All were flycatching up from these trees catching 
flying insects incl ants. In the half hr without bins, I estimate seeing 100 
plus warblers pass through. Most were Immature 

BT Green Warblers and 
Redstarts, but some i separated out were:
BT Blues
Yellow-Rumps - third in number
1-Black & White
1 - Magnolia
1 - Im Bay-breasted or Blackpoll

Also were some Blue-headed Vireo within and about 100 plus Knighthawks and many 
C Swifts all going due North! 

I also visited earlier at Bakersville Swamp seeing only 2 Kingbirds, many 
Cedar Waxwing and
1 - Yellow-bellied Flycatcher

This morn at Colebrook reservoir it was dead, seeing only 4 C Merganser! Didn't 
search much, but in the woods it was extremely dead, indicating to me most birds 
were staging together somewhere other than were I was. This reservoir which is 
lowered very much down in late summer, was completely full from the rains of 
Irene! No shorebirds will be putting down here in the mud this fall.

But for me, I would say, migration has begun............Paul Carrier

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