[CT Birds] More nighthawk stuff

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Thu Sep 1 06:55:06 EDT 2011

And my experience is that this season I've seen a grand total of one (1) 
nighthawk so far.  It was over my house at the end of the Hurricane day.  I 
usually would have seen numerous small to medium flocks over my house and/or 
along the I-95 corridor during my drive home from work, by now.
It seems the largest numbers have mostly been in northern CT (with the exception 
of Greenwich) , and often they've been feeding on winged insects.
Many years ago, I once counted 500 migrating through the Norwalk shoreline from 
my deck.

Frank Mantlik

From: Jamie Meyers <ctredbird2 at comcast.net>
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Sent: Thu, September 1, 2011 12:42:46 AM
Subject: [CT Birds] More nighthawk stuff

The last two days I haven't been specifically birding, but I'm always birding in 
one way, shape or form.  I noticed what seemed to be more mid-afternoon 
nighthawk action than usual during migration both yesterday and today.  On a 
trip from canton to Norwich for a baseball game this afternoon I had several 
smallish groups over rt. 2 in Glastonbury and Marlborough then again in 
Franklin.  When I arrived at Dodd Stadium for the game, around 5:45 or so there 
was a massive group of Tree Swallows with a number of nighthawks mixed in.  What 
I found interesting is that the group dispersed pretty quickly thereafter, and I 
only noticed one nighthawk during the game, flying south in twilight around 7:20 
or so.  I often see them in the last hour or so of daylight more, and if I 
happen to be at a late August ballgame I usually see a few hunting in the lights 
of the stadium during the game.  I had two doing that at a game in New Britain 
last week sometime but that's all for that activity this August.

Obviously a heavy movement of this gorgeous species over the past two 
afternoons.  I would say that I encountered about a dozen smallish groups in my 
travels yesterday and today, spread out fairly evenly across the state.  I've 
noted a few of the other reports have been of very large flocks, which has not 
been my personal experience this week.  Glad to see that others are seeing them 
in huge numbers.

Jamie Meyers
Canton, CT
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