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In total this storm produced double-digit WT Tropicbirds, most alive
and apparently well, from NJ/DE to New Hampshire. New Hampshire's was
picked up weakened and soon died apparently. I'm a bit surprised
nobody hit the jackpot with that one, but overall CT did very, very,
very well with this storm (in the bird department) despite a slightly
further west landfall than might have been expected.

I think we also may have missed the boat with the inland bodies of
water closest to the storm's track. I wonder if any large bodies in
the Salisbury area were birded hard during and immediately after the
storm, when the rarities were being seen. This is where the center of
circulation passed over CT. That's probably where a tropicbird would
have been most likely.


On Thu, Sep 1, 2011 at 5:13 PM, David Provencher
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> Information overload for me too. I thought there was a Sandwich reported
> from CT but I may be thinking of NY or RI. The RI list posted "crippling"
> (as the Brits say) photos of a Sandwich Tern. One miss for CT was
> Tropicbird. One or two were reported from the Quabbin in central Mass. That
> bird had to have been blown across CT.
> Dave Provencher
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> I don't recall a Sandwich Tern with this storm, though maybe I'm
> suffering from information overload.
> Nick Bonomo

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