[CT Birds] Chester, 9/1 - pileated, nighthawks, hummingbird vs. bat

Tammy Eustis teustis at killingworthlibrary.org
Sat Sep 3 14:36:12 EDT 2011

(Forgive the delay in this report. We just got our power back at noon today.)
Chester, 9/1 - PILEATED WOODPECKER came amazingly close to our house today, pecking at the split rail fences by our back door and almost perching on the back porch. As the sun set, I stepped out to watch the post-hurricane aerial-view helicopters circling (we're a mile from the airport), and got a lucky look at two NIGHTHAWKS as they flew north to south. Also noticed a big brown bat zipping among the treetops; it was unlucky enough to cross paths with one of our resident hummingbirds, which took off after the bat with great determination! One of the best chase scenes I've seen in a long time.
- Tammy Eustis, Chester

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