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Sun Sep 4 10:47:53 EDT 2011

I was bored this morning so I thought I would put together a list of all the species and numbers of birds that we got from Hurricane Irene. I must say that the list is quite impressive. However, do keep in mind this list isn't entirely accurate. First of all, I only used reports from CT birds so I could be missing some birds, and I apologize to anyone if I missed your birds. Second, although I tried as hard as possible to avoid this, there could be some repeats of birds seen here. (Example: a Sooty Tern seen at Griswold Point flying west could be the same Sooty Tern seen flying west at Stratford Point), but I tried to use logic to get rid of these repeated birds. Also, I know that all of these birds may not have actually been blown in by the hurricane, such as the Lark Sparrow. Nonetheless, here are all the rarities from this past week. 

1 White Ibis
89 Black Terns
66 Sooty Terns
1 Long-tailed Jaeger
2 Band-rumped Storm-Petrels
189 Red-necked Phalaropes
5 Leach's Storm-Petrels
11 Royal Terns
8 Caspian Terns
7 Wilson's Storm-Petrels
3 Red Phalaropes
1 Black-necked Stilt
6 Hudsonian Godwits
3 Brown Pelicans
1 Bridled Tern
4 Marbled Godwits
3 Parasitic Jaegers
1 Long-billed Dowitcher
1 Great Shearwater
1 Manx Shearwater
1 American Avocet
1 American White Pelican
1 Gull-billed Tern
1 Lark Sparrow

Wow! What a week for CT birding! 

James Purcell

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