[CT Birds] No Lark Sparrow

Scott Kruitbosch kbosch at gmail.com
Sun Sep 4 19:04:49 EDT 2011

Unfortunately, I did not see the Lark Sparrow at Stratford Point earlier. I
think I would have if present given its behavior and proclivity to stay in
the same area on Friday, but you never know. Let's hope it moved on rather
than becoming a meal for the American Kestrel flying around. Remember that
Stratford Point is only open during weekdays and when Miley, Twan, and/or
myself are present. It is private property owned by a subsidiary of DuPont,
not Connecticut Audubon Society, and cannot be left open. This is not to
discourage you from stopping by, only to explain why we are not open for
visitors on the weekend, in the evening, sometimes during the week, etc. as
I am asked this often by frustrated visitors who see a closed gate when rare
birds are around.

As for the American White Pelican, that would be a big coincidence as it was
apparently seen the morning after. Sure, we get wanderers, and we can't be
certain it was carried here like we can with a Sooty, but I would tack it on
to the list. I would have to believe it would avoid a TC like that if
possible, not fly intentionally into its powerful wake less than 24 hours
later when winds were howling from the northwest. Perhaps that is precisely
what helped it here. Keep in mind how enormous and overwhelming a TC is on a
continental scale.

I think (just about) all of the rarities this week are Irene goodies except
the Lark Sparrow due to timing (it was not there before Thursday at least,
it stuck out like a sore thumb), geography, and it being migratory. Even
then, a direct effect from Irene, though not the TC itself, may have brought
it here as she influenced the weather pattern and behavior of birds before
and after for a while. I reiterate that there are undoubtedly more subtle
rare birds waiting to be found, and perhaps more to be reported from those
unfortunate people who still do not have power. Everyone flocking to see the
known rarities may keep others from finding more - keep looking! I'd guess
the Brown Pelican we keep seeing is the same bird. Has everyone had a

OT, if you want to join the birders fantasy football league please email
Brian O'Toole or myself, it's free and for fun.

Scott Kruitbosch
Stratford, CT

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