[CT Birds] Stratford sightings 9/4/11

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Sun Sep 4 21:10:46 EDT 2011

9/4  Stratford
- Short Beach Park, 5:00 - 5:35 pm, scoping across to the Milford Point sandbar 
at high tide I saw: 4 juvenile BLACK SKIMMERS, 1 FORSTER'S TERN, 400+ Common 
Terns, 6 Am. Oystercatchers, etc., and photographers and birders.  Scoping the 
offshore breakwater, I saw an out-of-season immature GREAT CORMORANT among the 
100s of Double-cresteds.

- Main St., behind Deluca ball field (= Stratford Greenway = "Avco" Cove ), 5:45 
pm - previously-reported AMERICAN AVOCET resting on man-made rip-rapped berm to 
the south, and behind the old defunct Avco-Lycoming Army Engine Plant. Lots of 
roosting gulls, cormorants, and mallards as well.

-  Broad St., Stratford Marina, 6:15 pm (still high tide) - adult basic 
LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER, 18 Short-billed Dowitcher (mostly juveniles), STILT 
SANDPIPER, 85 Greater Yellowlegs, 30 Lesser Yellowlegs, a few peep, 7 
Yellow-crowned Night-Herons.

It felt good to look at a few birds, after doing sweaty yard work all afternoon.

Frank Mantlik

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