[CT Birds] Glossy Ibis and White Ibis continue at Barn Island

Randy Given givenrandy at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 12:50:37 EDT 2011

The Glossy Ibis and White Ibis continue at Barn Island. I counted 1
White and about 15 Glossy.

When I first got to the fourth impoundment (thanks to those who led me
there!), there were 3 Glossy to the right of the trail. When I moved
my scope, it spooked them and they flew to the other side, where I saw
it join 2 more along with 1 White. There were 6 Cormorants just
standing and watching in the background, a bunch of Great Egrets
milling around, and lots of Least Sandpipers, and 1 Greater
Yellowlegs. There were probably others, but it was getting dark and I
felt a few drops of rain.

On the way back, I met a local couple who'd seen the Ibises many times
-- but not the White one. He thought maybe I had it confused with the
Great Egret. Granted, the White was a juvenile, but there's no way to
confuse the two. It was starting to clear up, so we continued walking
back to the impoundment when a Northern Harrier flew over and all of
the birds took off and flew over us. Counting as they flew, was
something like 13-15 Glossy.

Didn't see the Sora or Merlin, unfortunately, but did see Green Heron
and I think I saw an American Bittern from a distance (looked like it,
but have to check my photos some more).

Randy Given

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