[CT Birds] Black-necked Stilt and American Avocet at Milford Point

Stephen Broker ls.broker at cox.net
Mon Sep 5 13:22:18 EDT 2011

 From Steve Broker (Cheshire):
09/05/11 - Milford, Milford Point, interior marsh (10:45 A.M. - 12  
Noon) -- As reported earlier, the Black-necked Stilt and American  
Avocet continue at Milford Point.  The Black-necked Stilt was first  
located from the Milford Point platform at 11:05 A.M. as it fed in  
the main channel just inside the Point and to the far west.  When  
observed from the marsh edge further out toward the Point (a  
respectful distance straight out across Spartina and mudflat), it  
provided excellent binocular and scope views.  Active feeding was  
followed by a few minutes of one-legged standing and preening on the  
breast - fascinating use of its stiletto bill.  At one point, the  
wings were stretched overhead, giving a good view of the (also) black  
underwing.  The bird then resumed feeding in the main channel, its  
pink, stretched legs long enough for it to cross the channel each way  
without the need to swim.  Through this observation, others were  
seeing the American Avocet from the Coastal Center viewing tower.   
Some ten minutes before Noon, the avocet continued an advance to the  
west, also along the near edge of the main channel flow.  It  
interspersed short flights with foraging bouts, although at times it  
was obscured from view when it moved behind lengthy stretches of  

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