[CT Birds] Space apparently available on this weekend's BBC PELAGIC

Nick Bonomo nbonomo at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 14:25:59 EDT 2011


I've just had to pull out of this weekend's overnight pelagic out of
Hyannis, MA as organized by the Brookline Bird Club. It appears that
there is still some space onboard. Hurricane Katia appears to be
accelerating wayyy out to sea and will not likely affect this
weekend's trip. This is arguably (but really, it is) the single best
pelagic trip out of the northeast United States each year. It's the
best trip for White-faced Storm-Petrel, for instance. The many
possibilities are likely only enhanced by the recent tropical activity
in the region.

The boat leaves early on Saturday and returns on Sunday evening.

If you're interested, please see below:
 The "Helen H" is a 100 foot all aluminum, New England's fastest 2700
Horsepower Party Super boat cruiser chartered by the Brookline Bird
Club for this trip.  It is Coast Guard approved with padded bunks
below the enclosed cabin, rest rooms, full galley, outside seats and
modern navigation Marshall Iliff will be our leader along with
Jeremiah Trimble and others spotting birds. Their name tags will be
yellow in color.  It is hoped that one or more of them will be
circulating about the boat.

       Some of the birds we expect to see are Gannets, Jaegers,
Shearwaters (including Audubon’s), Storm-petrels, Terns and Gulls.  We
hope to see WHITE-FACED STORM-PETRELS,(22 seen in 2010).  phalaropes,
Leach's and Band-rumped Storm-Petrel (10 seen in 2010), Great and
South Polar Skua, and Long-tailed Jaeger and always the possibility of
the less common or rare sea birds. In August 2008, we saw the famous
PETREL.  BRIDLED TERNS have been seen on more than one occasion.
(Other mega-rarity possibilities include Cape Verde Shearwater,
Bulwer's Petrel, European Storm-Petrel, or either tropicbird.)  We are
closer to the breeding grounds of many of these seabirds than is
Hatteras, and there is no reason that they could not also occur here
if only we could get out there more often to find them.  However,
there are no guarantees, in life, or on pelagic boat trips.
.  The marine mammal show can be spectacular (chance for Sperm, Pilot,
 Beaked whales, Grampus, etc as well Fin, Minke and Hump-backed whales
and Common and Risso’s  Dolphins,) along with other fascinating marine
life (sea turtles: we've had Green Sea Turtle, Leatherback and
Loggerhead); Mola-mola, Hammerhead and other sharks, flying fish,
Portugeese Man-o-war and giant Manta Rays).  Other whales and fish are
also possible.  Two BLUE WHALES were seen in June, 2010 as well as
Blue-fin and Yellow -fin Tuna.

Contact: Ida Giriunas at ida8(AT)verizon.net

Nick Bonomo
Wallingford, CT

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