[CT Birds] Cabela's Shorebirds

Robert Bitondi rjbitondi at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 18:17:24 EDT 2011

Flooded field across the street from Cabela’s, 9-11AM:  10+ Pectoral SP,  5
Golden Plovers, 3 Lesser Yellowlegs, a few Least SP, many Semipal SP, many
Killdeer, ~12 GBB Gull, RT Hawk, 1 agitated security guard.

 The Red Tail walked along the ground near a flock of Killdeer as if
mousing, but then went down into a small ditch and hunkered down out of
sight for several minutes before flying off.

When my wife and I crossed the street to return to Cabela’s  a P&W security
person followed us well into the Cabela’s parking lot to tell me that he saw
me photographing birds, that photography there is prohibited, and that
citations are coming soon.  Since we’d been on the sidewalk for about 1.5
hours committing these heinous crimes he certainly waited a long time to
tell us this.

Had lunch in Cabela’s (didn’t have venison or elk), looked around a bit
(their clothing is nice but expensive), and visited the bird carving and
nature related exhibits in the Northeast Waterfowl Festival outside the
store.   No birds on their pond, just lots of decoys.
query:  does one come to love what one loves to kill?

Bob Bitondi


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