[CT Birds] Quaker Ridge - decent flight

streatham2003 at aol.com streatham2003 at aol.com
Sat Sep 10 21:42:58 EDT 2011

 Hi All,

A nice day at Quaker Ridge with about 460 raptors total. Highlight here was probably picking up 15 Ospreys in the air at the same time - quite impressive for a somewhat inland site I thought. A couple of Common Loons, a high Belted Kingfisher - checked it for Ringed based on the SC report ;) and a couple of Solitary Sandpipers as well as a slew of swifts and swallows kept us entertained. 

Last night I again noted good movement moon watching but again little to show for it on the ground. Things here very quiet here and at Greenwich Point apparently. Ho hum maybe next time. Not sure what tomorrow may bring, seems like raptors are eager to move so may be some flight despite the less than ideal winds - I guess we'll find out.

Luke Tiller, Greenwich

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