[CT Birds] Shorebird hunting in the Carribean

Paul Fusco paul.fusco at sbcglobal.net
Thu Sep 15 10:10:48 EDT 2011

The only solution is get these practices stopped. Tradition or not -  
bag limits are not the answer. Almost all North American shorebirds  
species are experiencing population declines, some very steep declines  
and many long term declines. Even the seemingly abundant semipalmated  
sandpiper is in a long term population decline according to the US  
Shorebird Conservation Plan. Some like red knot are in worse shape.
Many of these species are still struggling to recover from the days of  
market hunting so when a Guadelupian recreational shorebird gunner can  
kill 3,000 birds in a day how can any kind of population recovery take  
place? Don't the US government, NGOs, and universities have alot of  
money invested in shorebird conservation?
- sorry for the rant but this really gets me!

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