[CT Birds] Shorebird hunting

Paul Fusco paul.fusco at sbcglobal.net
Thu Sep 15 18:32:38 EDT 2011

I'm glad that there has been a good discussion on this topic. I hope  
that by promoting awareness it may help lead to real improvements in  
shorebird conservation.
The only realistic way to stop the unregulated killing of shorebirds  
in the Carribean and in SA is by intiating some kind of laws that are  
enforced. That is how the market hunting slaughter of these species  
was ended in this country with passage of the Lacey Act (1914) and the  
Migratory Bird Treaty Act (1918). Those laws put an end to the  
killing. But it didn't happen until after the damage was already done  
for the passenger pigeon and the Eskimo curlew.
It would be great to educate the populis in some of these countries  
but that should happen in conjunction with laws. It is way past the  
time that the Migratory Bird Treaty Act should be expanded to include  
these other countries for true protection of migratory species. It  
would not be easy. And it may require that those in position in the US  
and Canada take an aggressive lead role by tying treaty aggreements to  
economic aid, like Paul D. brought up.
I applaud the work that many conservation organizations are doing to  
protect migratory shorebirds, I hope their efforts continue. These  
groups have been funding studies and employing biologists  I don't  
know what else they are doing but from my perspective it isn't  
working. Migratory shorebird populations are still mired in long term  
declines with no end in sight.
Real conservation happened in this country almost 100 years ago by  
enacting laws.

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