[CT Birds] Lighthouse Point Park - BROWN PELICAN and 12 Raptor Species

Steve Mayo rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sun Sep 18 17:59:46 EDT 2011

Per Mark's Aronson's alert this morning, we saw the BROWN PELICAN again today, briefly flying south down the New Haven Harbor and then diving at the mouth of the Harbor, near the breakwater (approx. 9:05 to 9:10 am) before disappearing.
Winds were steady 10 mph NE with late morning gusts to 20 mph.  12 species of Hawk (no Broad-wings), including several non-migrants (Peregrine, Merlin, Red-tail, 2 imm. Red-shoulders).  Only 72 migrant hawks all day.
I walked off the job briefly around 7:30 am to scan the harbor (unsuccessfully, for Pelican, at this time). I  saw a RT Hummingbird fly in from the Harbor heading WNW, to landfall just N of Lighthouse. 8 additional RT Hummingbird (throughout day, from watch site), also 85 Cedar Waxwing, c. 28 Bobolink, 15 Tree Swallow, 2 Palm Warbler, 1 BG Gnatcatcher. c. 30 Blue Jay, c. 10 N Flicker. Dragonflies in the low hundreds, mostly green Darners. Still a lot of Buckeyes, Monarchs, Sachem's Skippers, etc. in Butterfly garden.
Summaries of Lighthouse and other CT sites, can be found at HawkCount:
Steve Mayo

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