[CT Birds] Farmington meadows development

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Wed Sep 21 15:52:58 EDT 2011

Unfortunately, there are many small in holdings within the meadows like hunting clubs, gun clubs and private landowners. Since they own some (or a lot) of the land, they can propose or have a strong voice in most issues that deal with the property as a whole. That's why we see motocross, plane flying and hunting in those areas. A shooting range behind Miss Porter's School??? Why not! If the owner of the property is buddies with the Farmington Town Council, it will somehow get approved. 
It makes me wonder how the Hartford Audubon Society could consider this year; "not being in the business of land ownership any longer". Give up Station 43 and lose your voice in the South Windsor Meadows.   
Below is a quote from a Hartford Courant article (2011) regarding bird protection and state open space;  
Graham Stevens, who heads the open space program for the DEP, said the state has the "Green Plan" in place that guides open space acquisition. He said that in addition to protecting bird habitats, the DEP has to take into account the needs of foresters, wildlife biologists, fisheries and recreational uses of the potential land acquisitions.

"We don't operate in a vacuum," he said Friday. "There are a lot of different needs and priorities when you talk about open space acquisition. We try to strike a balance between all the competing needs and uses.
If the Town of Farmington thinks anything like the state about open space, those competing interests may end up in Farmington soon.
Paul Cianfaglione

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