[CT Birds] Late nighthawks and early bunting(s)

Jamie Meyers ctredbird2 at comcast.net
Thu Sep 22 17:59:24 EDT 2011

>From Jamie Meyers:
Canton -- Meadow Road: 2 COMMON NIGHTHAWKS
Canton -- Barbourtown Road, female NORTHERN PINTAIL continues

This is the latest I can recall seeing a nighthawk in CT.  And yes, they were Commons.

Regarding the white Southington bird, leucism in House Sparrows is quite uncommon but far from unheard of.  I have run into a couple of them in my time.  First one was in a bush in downtown Northampton MA and I was stunned to see a "Snow Bunting" there.  I almost ran into a parking meter looking at it.  The thought that I might have been looking at a leucistic House Sparrow never even crossed my mind at the time, even though this bird was in a flock of House Sparrows.  Next time I think I was on the coast somewhere and better prepared for it.  This time I was struck by how similar the bird looked to an actual Snow Bunting.  It would be interesting to see a photo of the Southington bird.  If it really is a Snow Bunting, I'm sure I need it for my town list there ....

Jamie Meyers
Canton, CT

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