[CT Birds] A little warbler fallout at the Coastal Center this morning

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Yup, I've had some of my best birds on rainy days... The Mourning Warbler was a nice start to the day...   

Life is short. Bird often.

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Frank and Glenn,

Ya I heard some morning flight happening in Norwich this a.m. as well. The
current/predicted weather pattern is not looking to be solid blocking
weather, just mostly. Some migrants will push in all but the direst of
conditions and I suspect the weather to our immediate south actually might
have caused some of the moving migrants to put down in our area. But, based
on the current forecast, I do not think there will be a "good" migration
night for a bit yet, so we still have to watch for a possible big event at
the end of the wet. I will say this though, sometimes some pretty good birds
can show up in foul weather. Additionally, whatever migrants are around will
join roving flocks, and these growing flocks can pop up in yards and parks
making for nice birding moments. The first Connecticut Warbler I ever saw in
CT was 30 feet from my front door. I walked to the edge of the woods on a
rainy September day and pished just to see what was around. A beautiful CT
Warbler walked up a nearby fallen branch to look me in the eye, turn around,
and walk back out of sight. Just one bird made it a nice rainy day. Of
course I like rainy days anyway...  

Dave Provencher

Naturally New England
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I also had warbler activity in the yard this morning and I don't generally
get any unless there is some migration going on.  Maybe this blocking
weather isn't blocking so good.
Glenn Williams


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