[CT Birds] birdcraft warblers

Meredith, Leslie Leslie.Meredith at simonandschuster.com
Sun Sep 25 18:08:17 EDT 2011

On the way to Birdcraft Museum grounds, 2 Peregrine falcons circling; just over Post Road  at the late Borders store, downtown Fairfield.
Museum grounds: 11:30-1
Nashville warbler at the gate entrance heralded a nice bunch of warblers: Female redstart,  Black-and-white, Northern parula (pair), Connecticut, Pine, female Common Ythroat
a Veery and only 1 Robin

At least 6 Blue jays, 6 Catbirds, Pair cardinals, RB Woodpecker,White-breasted nuthatch
Female RT hummingbird around the goldenrod

As I was leaving, a pair of Red-shouldered hawks were circling overhead, screaming for a good 15 minutes.  Beautiful.


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