[CT Birds] A question about a Tricolred Heron at Hammo.

Mark Szantyr birddog55 at charter.net
Sun Sep 25 22:45:25 EDT 2011



It took me until today to see any of the Tricolored Herons reported from
Hammonasset Beach State Park this year.   Today, I was able to get a few
pictures of a juv.  This bird looked strange to me.  The white edged coverts
and the admixture of white throughout the head and neck, a somewhat shorter
bill with a dagger like shape, were characters I have not recorded on
Tricolored before.  I happen to have photographed a juv on the same date at
Hammo in 2009.  This bird is a typical juv, showing the long bill and  sort
of convex shape to the culmen, rusty edges to the wing coverts , and clean
rusty sides to the neck.  I showed the images of today's bird to Louis
Bevier and he agreed that he has never seen a Tricolored look like this and
we both wondered if there might be a "touch" of Little Blue Heron in this


I do not know if this is the case and I am certainly not an expert in
Tricolored Heron plumages, but it is certainly worth a second look.  I have
sent the images off to various "experts" for their appraisal.


Photos in the gallery above of both birds.




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