[CT Birds] Great Blue Heron Story

Hank Golet htg1523 at att.net
Thu Sep 29 10:28:44 EDT 2011

I'll make this as short as I can,, and it's one I hadn't heard before.
A friend, Rich Schlachter, was at my house a week ago and we took a short walk to where there is a small  30x50 shallow ,dug pond with lots of grass at the edge in the water.  We heard a grunt and some splashing and saw a GB Heron that was trying to fly away but couldn't.  The water was almost up to the belly and it appeared one of the legs was tangled in something although we couldn't see it.

What are we going to do,,if anything?  The decision was made to go back to my house, get some boots and a large landing net.  I put on safety glasses, having heard and read that they will go for your eyes, and also some heavy leather gloves and went back to the pond.  I told Rich that we did not want to get the bird in the net but just use it  to hold the bird down while I reached  into the water to see if I could free it up.   Rich  was able to hold it down  easy enough and from behind I reached down into the water to where the leg was and put my  gloved hand on the top of a snapping turtles shell.  As soon as I touched the turtle it released the bird and began to move now wanting to  get away itself.

  The released  Heron  walked to a brushy  area about ten feet away.  I could not see the leg at any time but it did not appear to be limping or anything.  I was surprised that the bird did not fly off knowing that they are are not the easiest  species to get close to. Perhaps  it was too weak??
   We did what we could do and decided to leave it and I would take a look in a few hours. When  I checked  later on I did not see the bird but there is alder all around the pond and difficult to see all of it.  As I walked a little farther on the dirt  driveway that goes along the pond I heard some splashing and did not see the bird get up but on the driveway I did see a large shadow that flew off.

That's it

Hank Golet     

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