[CT Birds] LPP Hawks on Friday

Dana Campbell dana.l.campbell at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 20:20:52 EDT 2011

>From Dana Campbell and the gang:
9/30 - New Haven - Lighthouse Point Park Hawk Watch - 200 migrating raptors
including 19 Broadwings, 37 Kestrels, 66 Sharp-shinned Hawks, 30 Cooper's
Hawks, 28 Osprey, 2 Harriers, and 13 PEREGRINE FALCONS.

Also migrating:  4 Common Loons, 1200 Blue Jays, 1 Chimney Swift, and some
misc. others.

Sharing the beautiful day at the Lighthouse were observers par excellence
Lynn James, Marty Moore, Steve Orsman, and Ken Merrifield.  Also dropping in
were Dori Sosensky, Paul Wolter, Ed Sadowski, Louisa Cunningham, and Chris

Dana Campbell, Priest in Charge
Church of the Good Shepherd, Hartford
dana.l.campbell at gmail.com

*"*Come to me bird-watching God, you will find the branches for nesting. A
mustard seed of faith grows to a place of many wings*.*"
                                    from “Prayer of the Heart” by Maren C.
Tirabassi & Joan Jordan Grant

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