[CT Birds] I agree with Dave

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Sat Oct 1 10:33:54 EDT 2011

I agree with Dave P about more birds to come. 

With this large stalled low we have had for the past week or more still here, 
and the on and off rains we had the week before that, many birds just haven't 
had the opportunity to move south yet. On top of this - the winds have also been 
unfavorable as well, coming out of the south sector for weeks. I believe that 
the next good dry clear night, with cold temps esp to our north comes down, and 
with winds from the north sector, it will be the barn doors opening and many 
birds a passing through CT! I as one hope to be there to catch it......

ps - Did you all enjoy the once again rains last night? We and they need a break 
real soon!.......

Paul Carrier - Harwinton  

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