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Eleanor Linkkila ELINKKILA at charter.net
Sat Oct 1 10:42:18 EDT 2011

How interesting!  After reading your post I  more closely observed our 
feeder near the honeysuckle bush and lo and behold we just had a mature 
female ruby-throat at the feeder.  Record late for ruby-throat here also.

Eleanor Linkkila

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Saturday 10/1/11 - 9 am

Spotted a juvenile male RT hummer at my honeysuckle this morning.   This i 
believe is a record late date for me in my backyard.  i looked hard to make 
sure it didnt have alot of orange on it,  but it was definitely an RT.   my 
honeysuckle (domestic hybrids that are  a brilliant scarlet red and not 
invasive but bloom all summer and now into the fall) are a huge draw for the 
hummers - they are constantly feeding from them and so far these 
honeysuckles are still blooming with more flowers to come.    glad i have a 
source of nectar for these migrating visitors.   they feed like crazy and 
when done or taking a rest,  they sit on the branches of the vine!

Mona Cavallero

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