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I'm curious about what reports come in today but I have to say that whenever
the radar shows a good flight over CT it often means a less than excellent
day of birding in CT is the result. Many reasons this may be of course but
simply put a big radar signature in the middle of the night is usually
reflected off birds that will be south of CT when they drop. Block Island
might be interesting today come to think of it. My focus on Fall songbird
migration has admittedly focused heavily on the Bluff Point morning flight
ever since I stumbled upon it about two decades ago, but I think combining
regional radar info with specific CT weather conditions can produce fair
predictions of how birdy CT will be on a given day. Of course some
individuals move in almost any weather conditions and nice birds often get
found without there being many other migrants around. Getting back to Bluff
morning flight, I'm still hopeful conditions will produce a good show
midweek. Fingers still crossed... 

Dave Provencher

Naturally New England
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from Glenn Williams (with Bill Asteriades and John Oshlick earlier)

As Dave predicted, it was not a good morning flight at Bluff Point this
morning, especially with a heavy band of rain passing through at prime
time.  The most abundant migrant was Tufted Titmouse with 34 flying out of
the hot corner.  Also notable was the first sapsucker of the season.  Two
White-breasted Nuthatches were also migrating.  A small trickle of warblers
(25) came through before and after the rain and one feeding flock inside
added to what little diversity there was.  40 warblers of 8 species and two
Baltimore Orioles.

Glenn Williams
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