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They still nest on River Road in Kent. Sharon Abner
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> I was reading the 2011 Connecticut State Of The Birds booklet this morning and came across an eye-opening statistic stating that there are 6000 breeding male Cerulean Warbler and 10,000 male Acadian Flycatchers inhabit Connecticut's forests (Dr. Robert Craig, Director of Bird Conservation Research, Inc. , Putnam, CT; State of the Forest Birds, pg. 16). 
> Does anyone have any other information or studies to substantiate these statistics? Are they this common? Where is their stronghold in the state? Any comments from the CT conservation community? 
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> Below is a 2000 Cerulean Warbler Status Assessment and a couple excerpts that seem to contradict those stats.  
> http://library.fws.gov/Pubs3/statusass/ceruleanwarbler.pdf
> The numbers of cerulean warblers are declining at rates comparable to the most
> precipitous rates documented among North American birds by the cooperative Breeding
> Bird Survey.
> The species is not in danger of imminent extinction, but it is rare enough to warrant
> concern, and its future is not assured. Based upon extensive BBS data, cerulean
> warblers have declined sharply over the past 30 years. Should that trend continue
> another 30 years, population sizes are predicted to be only 8% of the 1966 levels. It is
> unclear whether the species could persist with numbers as low as those.
> Connecticut
> Summary: Regular migrant and breeding species in small numbers in the state.
> BBS: No confident trend estimate is available from the BBS; relative abundance 0.01
> birds/route.
> BBA: Breeding was confirmed on 9 of 39 blocks where located in the state, in two
> populations established in the 1970s, in the Housatonic Valley and at East Haddam.
> Occurrence on 6.5% of blocks in the state, representing all counties (Ellison in Bevier
> 1994, p.322-323).
> State Status: The species has no legal status other than that afforded by the Migratory
> Bird Treaty Act. The avian selection committee did not feel it met listing criteria in
> Connecticut (J. Dickson, Connecticut Dept. of Environmental Protection, pers. comm.,
> 12 August 1996).
> Natural Heritage Rank: See Table 12. Tracked by the Connecticut Natural Heritage
> Program.
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