[CT Birds] Belding Warblers

Dan Huber docforestal at comcast.net
Tue Oct 4 07:55:24 EDT 2011

Hi all, I typically stop for 5-10 minutes before work at Belding Preserve in
Vernon.  The trees surrounding the meadows along Bread and Mild road have
berries and are a popular spot for birds hanging out in the morning.  they
like the trees around the mown meadow near gravel parking.
 This morning I had to leave for work and light was still poor, but a flock
of warblers was flitting around.  I took some pics, not till tonite to id
some, but several different birds were seen, including a definite Northern
Parula and American Redstart female (she has been here all summer),a maybe
young yellow warbler, common yellowthroat (they are here usual) and maybe
some Yellow rumped.  also saw a ? female blue grosbeak, got good shots but
new bird for me why not saying definite. Hoping someone gets to bird these
guys and maybe see some nice warblers.  Guessing these guys stopped here and
may stick around with the rain.
I am not great with warblers, so need great looks and often drawing out to
get some id's on ones i don't see all the time.
I won't be checking back likely as day is busy, if i caught anything else on
photos will post.  Hope someone sees some nice birds who knows more than me.

here is link - although the pointer is not in the spot, but shows the
non-mown meadow - just dont' have time to fiddle with the maps:

dan huber

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