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Milan Bull mbull at ctaudubon.org
Tue Oct 4 14:30:08 EDT 2011

Regarding Chris Elphick's comments on estimating bird numbers, I think all are in agreement with the difficulties involved.  Upon receiving his comments regarding Dr. Craig's Cerulean numbers, we contacted Dr. Craig to obtain his methods, that is, the details of the methods used to generate them and estimates of the uncertainty associated with them. Those numbers are his, not the opinion of the Report. As Chris points out, Connecticut State of the Birds is not a scientific treatise, but intended to provide information to the pubic regarding the work of other scientists in CT.  Therefore a discussion of the scientific methods and mathematical formulas he used to derive his estimates seemed beyond the scope of the Report.  For those interested in the details of his methodology, I'm sure Dr. Craig would be happy to respond.  You can reach him at: info at birdconservationresearch.com<mailto:info at birdconservationresearch.com>.

Milan Bull

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