[CT Birds] Westport Smith-Richardson Sanctuary Highlights

Tina and Peter Green petermgreen at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 5 11:03:23 EDT 2011

The Ct Audubon's Smith Richardson Sanctuary (Xmas tree farm on Sasco Creek Rd.) is well worth a visit for anyone in the area. I stopped by this morning again and had not seen Frank Mantlik's posting from yesterday until just now. Great looks at all the birds. Wish I could have stayed longer as birds kept appearing.
10/5/11 - Westport - Smith Richardson Tree Farm (7:25am - 8:45am) - Green Heron,Osprey,Sharp-shinned Hawk,Cooper's Hawk,American Kestrel,RT Hummingbird,Eastern Phoebe,Blue-headed Vireo,Red-eyed Vireo,Carolina & House Wren,WB Nuthatch,Ruby-crowned Kinglet,Brown Thrasher,Cedar Waxwings,Nashville Warbler,Northern Parula,Yellow Warbler,Yellow-rumped Warbler,Black-throated Green warbler,Prairie Warbler,Palm Warbler,American Redstart,Common Yellowthroat,Eastern Towhee,Chipping Sparrows,Savannah Sparrows,Song Sparrows,2 Lincoln's Sparrow,Swamp Sparrow,White- throated Sparrow,White-crowned Sparrow,2 Blue Grosbeaks and 3 Dickcissels continue,Indigo Buntings

Southport - Southport Beach - Marsh Wren
Tina Green

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