[CT Birds] Lighthouse Point Park Wednesday - 1340 Hawks

Steve Mayo rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Wed Oct 5 20:21:09 EDT 2011

Lynn James and Robin McAllister reported 1340 raptors today:  3 T Vulture. 48 Osprey, 2 Bald Eagle, 12 N Harrier, 556 S Shinned, 245 Coopers, [note that ratio:  2.26938 to 1], 4 Red Shouldered, 30 Broad-winged, 16 Red Tailed, 358 Am Kestrels, 31 Merlin, 13 Peregrine, 10 unid accipiter, 12 unid raptor.  
The Coops and Kestrels will most certainly be New England daily records for this season.  
Kestrels were pouring through all afternoon.  At about 2 pm EST (3 pm people time), Tony Tortora walked down to the beach and in 15 minutes counted 7 Am Kestrels, only several feet above LI Sound waters, flying west.  They clearly didn't turn north towards the hawk watch and there is absolutely no way we could have seen this flight from the hawk watch area.  Fascinating.
'An amazing day and tomorrow should be really good also!
Steve Mayo

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