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Thu Oct 6 20:14:06 EDT 2011

CT Birders -

Today was the first day since mid to late April that I did not observe a hummingbird. Yesterday October 5th  there was still an immature Ruby throat in the gardens.  I also had a bright all yellow colored parrot type bird show up at the feeders. I let it feed all day until dusk and then this morning baited the front of a flight cage to try and lure it in but I had a returning bear that ate all the food and I did not want to refill with him in the area again.  Had my first junco of the fall today and am already loaded in white- throated sparrows. Phoebes are still around and catbirds are still coming for mealworms as well. I already have about 15 bluebirds eating at the mealworm feeder and just as many if not more chipping sparrows close on their heels to dine as well.

Hard to say goodbye to all my summer feathered friends!

Jayne Neville
Mount Vernon Songbird Sanctuary

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