[CT Birds] Bluff Point

Chris Elphick elphick at sbcglobal.net
Thu Oct 6 20:54:44 EDT 2011

Well I can't compete with Paul's day list, but we had 56 species at Bluff this morning, plus a few more on the way home.  

The flight was better than yesterday in some respects - more birds, more spread out over time, many more identified.  But, it was not a huge flight and the mix was very different.  Yesterday most warblers were giving "zeep" calls implying they were not yellow-rumpeds, there was 1 kinglet, 1 junco, no sapsuckers, etc.  Today, 50-70%+ of the warbler calls I heard were given by yellow-rumpeds, lots of kinglets, lots of sparrows, more sapsuckers than red-bellieds, etc. - in other words a much more typical October flight.  

By my reckoning we had ~450 warblers of 9 species, ~400 sparrows, ~1100-1200 morning flight birds total.  There were a number of other birders present, so I probably missed a few things that they picked up.

Highlights: Common Loon (1), Bald Eagle (1), Sharp-shinned Hawk (2), Cooper's Hawk (1), Broad-winged Hawk (1), Red-bellied Woodpecker (9), Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (10), Yellow-shafted Flicker (69), Eastern Phoebe (11), Blue-headed Vireo (3), Red-eyed Vireo (3), Brown Creeper (1), House Wren (1), Golden-crowned Kinglet (80), Ruby-crowned Kinglet (9), Swainson's Thrush (2), American Robin (70), American Pipit (1), Cedar Waxwing (59), Black-and-white Warbler (2), Common Yellowthroat (1), Northern Parula (15), Magnolia Warbler (1), Blackpoll Warbler (10, probably many of the identified were this species), Black-throated Blue Warbler (16), Western Palm Warbler (5), Yellow-rumped Warbler (167), Black-throated Green Warbler (8), warbler sp. (275), Eastern Towhee  (11), Chipping Sparrow  (5), White-throated Sparrow  (270), Slate-colored Junco  (115), Scarlet Tanager (4), Bobolink (7), Baltimore Oriole (1), Purple Finch (6? - maybe, didn't call so a hard

Tomorrow is in your hands Dave - good luck.

Chris Elphick

Storrs, CT

elphick at sbcglobal.net

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