[CT Birds] East Shore Park - Warblers

John Oshlick john.oshlic at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 7 14:31:07 EDT 2011

East Shore Park, New Haven: There was a good movement of warblers at East Shore park today. I arrived at Noon. I was later joined by Bill Asteriades. I estimate that there were 200+ warblers present. Many of them were not in the brush line parallel the water treatment plant, but were out in the open trees lining the soccer and baseball fields. I have never seen birds there before. 
It was about 75% yellow rumped warblers, with a significant number of palms and blackpolls. There were also a fair number of golden-crowned kinglets. 
other birds of note
N. Parula 2
pine warbler 2
nashville warbler 1
black-throated green 3
yellow warbler 1
ruby-crowned kinglet 1
dark-eyed junco 1
E. peewee 1 
blue-headed vireo 1
John Oshlick

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