[CT Birds] Litchfield Hills Big Sit Results -78 species

David Tripp jr dtrippjr at comcast.net
Sun Oct 9 21:21:17 EDT 2011

From Dave Tripp & Fran Zygmont from Little Pond at White Memorial, Litchfield 4:00AM - 11:30AM, 4:00PM-5:45PM(Ray Belding)
Other participants in AM were Terri Bianchi, Angela Dimmitt, Ann Orsillo

With a Phragmites control cut, the entire bushy edge of our West side was exposed to us for great viewing. Three of the four owls were calling on there own as well as being answered by two packs of Coyotes, twice. Radar showed a decent night migration on the coast through Maryland but we had some birds as well. It was a great start with great birds but at the same time we had no shows of expected stuff. Biggest misses were House Finch and Virginia Rail and the list goes on.
Warblers and shorebirds were the biggest surprises. There was very little duck variety and okay hawk variety, still disappointing though.

Highlights include: 2 Great Horned Owls, 2 Barred Owls, E Screech Owl, No. Saw-whet Owl, 3 Swainson's Thrushes, 2 Gray-cheeked Thrushes, 1 Veery, 15 Hermit Thrushes, 1 Yellow-billed Cuckoo (New), 3 Green-winged Teal, 4 Pied-billed Grebes, Sora, 4 Am Woodcocks, 7 Wilson's Snipe, Solitary Sandpiper (New), Pectoral Sandpiper (New), Blue-headed Vireo, 3 Am Pipits, Nashville Warbler (New), Magnolia Warbler (New), Am Redstart (New) evening, Lincoln's Sparrow, Pine Siskin

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