[CT Birds] Readings 12

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Mon Oct 10 06:23:21 EDT 2011

Readings 12

The Nighthawk has no song; but that one bass note which he produces  
with his wings proclaims him the bass trumpet player of Nature’s  
Orchestra. He is a sky-scraper and an erratic wanderer on the wing.  
He seems to go no way in particular, and to have no place in  
particular for which he shape course; it is decidedly “go-as-you- 
please” performance with an obligatory rasping, double-toned  
accompaniment of greeps and it will presently end as if he had been  
shot. Down he drops vertically eighty feet or more then suddenly  
recovers himself, and you hear a subdued boom like that of the base  
trumpet in the brass band!  Boom! It is he and not at you may at  
first suppose “the bull-frog in the pool.” The remarkable tone is  
produced by the rush of air thrugh the bird’s primaries!

Dennis Varza

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