[CT Birds] Station 43 Big Sit Results

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Mon Oct 10 08:56:43 EDT 2011

October 9th -Station 43 Big Sit Results - As previously reported, Station 43 was inaccessible due to high water level and the condition of Newbury Road, so we moved our Big Sit location about one-half mile south to Vibert Road. Sadly, it was not the same. An increase in sparrows did not make up for the loss of many marshland species. The greatest change was a loss of excitement and anticipation that comes with sitting at Station 43 just before dawn. We tallied a total of 51 species, somewhat below our usual count. Highlights included Great Horned Owl (auditory and visual), Peregrine Falcon, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Lincoln and numerous White-crowned Sparrows. Yellow-rumped Warblers numbered in the hundreds throughout the day. Thanks to participants Paul Desjardins, Randy Given, Ernie Harris, Brian Kleinman, Rick Macsuga, Rob & Alberta Mirer. 

Jay Kaplan
Station 43 Big Sit

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