[CT Birds] 10/10 - 10 sparrow species, Fairfield

Alexander Burdo alexanderburdo at mac.com
Mon Oct 10 14:20:17 EDT 2011

The fall sparrow push is one of my favorite times of the birding calendar. This year, I tried to mix my love for this time of year with the Fairfield big year effort into a casual attempt to notch as many species of sparrow as I could in one day in Fairfield. Today I was able to hit ten species, my overall goal. Highlights below:

Sparrow Species: 
Eastern Towhee -- 4 birds at Hoyden's Hill Open Space, 2 birds at Pine Creek
Field Sparrow -- 1 at Pine Creek, 1 at the Fairfield University Quick Center
pos. Clay-colored Sparrow -- a bird that appeared just a little too quick to put the nail on the identification, although I'm feeling pretty good about Clay-colored; Fairfield University Quick Center
Chipping Sparrow -- 15 at the Fairfield University Quick Center
Nelson's Sparrow -- 1 at Southport Beach, a drastic decrease from yesterday 
Saltmarsh Sparrow -- 1 at Southport Beach
Savannah Sparrow -- 5 at Hoyden's Hill, 15 at Pine Creek, 14 at Ash Creek and 2 at Jennings Beach
White-throated Sparrow -- 4 at Sherman, 18 at Hoyden's Hill, 4 at the Fairfield University Quick Center, 45 at Pine Creek, 21 at Ash Creek
White-crowned Sparrow -- 2 at Pine Creek (1 adult, 1 1st winter), 1 1st winter at Ash Creek
Song Sparrow -- common and conspicuous at all stops
Swamp Sparrow -- 5 at Sherman, 11 at Hoyden's Hill, 25+ at Pine Creek, 5 at Ash Creek and 2 at Jennings Beach

Alex Burdo

>From Alex Burdo:
10/10/11 - Fairfield, Southport Beach -- 1 SALTMARSH SPARROW, 1 NELSON'S SPARROW
Fairfield, Pine Creek -- 2 WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS
Fairfield, Ash Creek -- 1 WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW

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