[CT Birds] Big Sit Results - The Coops of Lighthouse Park - 60 Species

Steve Mayo rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Mon Oct 10 20:33:46 EDT 2011

Well, we are much more sedentary than our agile, long-tailed namesake.  Lynn James, Dana Campbell, Sol Satin, Dori Sosensky, Judy Moore, Maria Stockmal, Marty Moore et al, tallied 60 species.  
We missed some Park gems that day, such as Red-headed Woodpecker and Solitary Vireo (fide Greg Hanisek), and Snow Goose.  We also missed some other dirt-common Lighthouse birds such as Song Sparrrow, White-throated Sparrow and BC Night Heron. 
We probably saw 6,000 total individual migrants, during out 9-hour effort.  Does anyone give out a prize for quantity?
'Had fun though, enjoying the intense sun, counting hawks and swatting at flies...
Steve Mayo

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