[CT Birds] wild food crop

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Wed Oct 12 16:11:25 EDT 2011

Just to ad to the wild food crop we are having this year - Up here in NW CT, it 
is a banner year for wild food crop, esp the tree seeds. I never have seen such 
an abundant crop of tree seeds ever before. The Birches are busting with cones, 
as well as the Ash trees with abundant seeds it seems on every tree I see. The 
wild and planted Spruces all seem to be dripping with cones this year, as well 
as firs. I don't see any problems for tree dependent birds this winter at all. 
Might even be such a good crop year, our feeder attendance might be slow or less 
than we usually get.........will see.

Paul Carrier - Harwinton

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