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Wed Oct 12 19:39:06 EDT 2011

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On Mount Vernon Rd where I live I  it is not uncommon each year to see the vultures on the sides of road eating roadkill. I have even gone so far as to move the roadkill out back behind the sanctuary for safety reasons, narrow road high speed cars, and the vultures quickly find and consume it.

One year there was an abundance of roadkill near our home and myself or my husband would shovel it up and place it out back. It got to the point where the vultures would just come everyday and sit on the nesting pavilion waiting for their meals! I realized this was not a good thing although I very much enjoyed observing them especially the interactions between the turkeys and black vultures. One day volunteer Melissa Baston arrived and said check out whats going on out back and there was a red tail mantling over  the latest road kill while the vultures lurked near by clearly upset by the turn of events. The red tail at the time was feeding a very vocal, very hungry fledgling! Even red tails will take road kill if needed.

I have heard from many raptor rehabilitators that vultures are the most playful of all raptors.

I have to confess I REALLY like vultures! Wish I could attract them and feed them everyday but with reluctance I refrain!


Jayne Neville
Mount Vernon Songbird Sanctuary


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